Since I was able to successfully pass the installation in write a few words on it to help others :)

Generally, first we have to buy a navigation system like Waywell wd6050 or similar, based on the platform Mesada 2440 platform – that is Mt6505, and AS7608, preferably the one having a red backlight, which fist VW Golf, Passat, Tiguan and Seat Leon

The set includes:

  • central unit (Unit Head)
  • ISO-fakra cable matching Leon 1P – (with 3 wires hanging around, but they are not needed)
  • GPS antenna
  • cables for connecting USB Drive and iPod
  • 2GB SD card
  • cables to connect camera inputs and outputs
  • external microphone
  • remote

In order to perform the assembly we need two things:

  • mounting screws
  • frame for navigation system ref no 1P1 858 071 A in the appropriate color – in my N87 – only in a Seat-ASO – price about 155 PLN gross

Installation is fairly simple, but it took me some time before I have learned how to do it :)

  • mount the GPS antenna

  • Connect USB / ipod cables – I threw them into the glove box. Installation requires to remove the glove box, you have to unscrew six bolts and disconnect the two connectors and done :)
  • connect the microphone –

  • break out a piece of platic in a radio chamber – WD6050 does not fit entirely into the chamber, you have to break a piece of plastic on the bottom of the chaber as shown below:

  • mount the radio
  • Connect the ISO-fakra cable to the radio

    Put the radion into the chamber

  • Fit the frame frame, you need to move a radio a little bit around radio to find the best position

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