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ZF Sachs Clutch Kit – Custom Made/Reinforced for 1.8 TSI BZB + KVT

Since the OEM clutch was not able to handle the torque I have ordered  ZF Sachs Clutch Kit - Custom Made/Reinforced - as this is the only option for BZB engine and KVT gearbox. The clutch is only available on request as there is not enough demand for it (the stock clutch easily handles remaped only setups) and it took me some time and a lot of emailing before I got it. According to the specification it should be able to handle 15% more torque compared to OEM clutch - so it should be enough for my current setup.    


As we have started a new company focusing on delivery of services and products for telecommunication please have a look at

STM32 (STM32F103VC), Eclipse i Jlink – tips

After several trials I have managed to setup a working environment which is able to build, flash and debug without any hassle :) The environment is based on ODev idea We need to download ODev configured Eclipse and Code Sourcery Lite ARM Toolchain We need to setup up the environment as described in here, the setup should be based on Cortex_STM32F1xx_CPP_Template  After import the template into eclipse (Import->Team-> Team Set project) we get a demo application called Cortex_STM32F1xx_CPP_Template  We should rename it first, and disconnect from SVN as we are going to apply some changes As The template is being set up for different platform (STM32F107CL) we need to apply following changes to project configuration: You need to modify preprocesor setting from STM32F10X_CL to STM32F10X_HD in C/C++/Assembler…

Mobicents Diameter trips&tricks part 1

Below you may find a few tips on using Mobicents Diameter:

  • Mobicents Diameter stack is based on jDiameter – the state of particular RA is synchronized with subprocesses managed by jDiameter, which may result in possible desynchronizationa and strange behavior :)
    • e.g if we receive back a message we are just trying to send  that means that there is something wrong on routing configuration and/or the peer we are trying to send the message to is not available
  • every host that connects as a client to a server based on Mobicents Diameter must have a resolvable host name – by using DNS or other  method (eg / etc / hosts). Otherwise the logs will show some odd exceptions
  • (więcej…)

1.8 TSI Stage 3 – execution – 330 PS and 400 Nm

As chiptuning was not enough I have decided to do little more changes to my engine setup. I chose a tuner, which is Bielsko based Compsport and decided to upgrade following parts: S3/Cupra Turbo k04 S3 Intercooler complete exhaust system by  MG (sounds great) ZF Sachs Clutch Kit – Custom Made/Reinforced - unfortunately the clutch is not handling 400 Nm of torque and again needs to be upgraded .... tuning by CompSport The result is 330 KM/PS and 400 Nm, as shown in figure below:  

Nowa domena

Postanowiłem przenieść ten serwis na nową domenę, Otóż tak własnie nazywa się działalność którą prowadzę. Co oznacza, że serwis będzie zmierzał w strone bardziej profesjonalną, niestety ;) co oznacza więcej fachowych artykułów z zakresu informatyki i telekomunikacji.

Milestone – network and DNS problems

After a short investigation it turned out that my case is not isolated and there are more people having a problem with Motorola Milestone and the Internet connection. It shows up in a way that, despite the fact that IP connection is up (i.e. there are icons indicating WiFi  or GPRS connection) network based applications  do not work - they behave as if there was no network. The problem is related to DNS configuration.  The solution is to put the DNS server address on a permanent basis in the configuration of the system. And how to do it - it is written here:

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