Mobicents and Yate (Yet Another Telephony Engine) – a powerful synergy

After spending some time working with Asterisk and Yate I started to prefer the latter. Thus since most of my project is based on Mobicents and JAIN SLEE I started to think about integrating both environment. Few days later I had an initial version of Yate Resource Adapter for Mobicents ready.

Basically it works as Yate module – it connects via Yate External API and acts as any of modules. For the moment it does not process any media, but since Mobicents does not process them either I think this is ok.

The main features of synergy of Yate and Mobicents are:

  • possibility of distribution of signalling processing
  • failover – since Mobicents support fail-over and clustering the failures can be handled appropriately by the application
  • service creation in Java – the services are written as Java SBBs and deployed on Mobicents application server
  • Yate handles many signalling types like ISUP, MAP, CAMEL, SIP, H.323, IAX – which thanks to RA are available for Mobicents
  • Yate provides a lot of funtionalities out of the box which can become a part of JAIN SLEE service

The RA works stable and I will start working on a new service based on both Mobicents and Yate – e.g. Callback.

If you are interested in getting more information on Yate and Mobicents integration please let me know.